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Saturday, September 30 • 7:00pm - Sunday, October 1 •12:00am
Learn to Wargame - Intermediate LIMITED
Limited Capacity seats available

Have you ever wanted to play or been curious about board war games, but were confused or intimidated about where to start? Do you have fond memories of Axis & Allies or Risk, but are looking for better designed games? Have you conquered the latest and greatest Euro games and looking for more? Are you looking for thematic games that tell interesting stories or help you understand history? Look no further.

Players may pick from a selection of intermediate war games based on final player count. If you participated in the Introductory Wargame event, or if you have have played "heavy" Euro-games before, then these games will be similar in rules complexitiy on par with games like TI3, Through the Ages, DieMacher or Splotter games.

Rules will be taught and strategies discussed. You can think of this as an introduction to modern wargames, but for those with a good amount of gaming experience. These games are long, there is direct conflict, tell interesting stories and are a lot of fun.

Games Available:
If Three Players - Triumph & Tragedy
A strategic WW2 game for 3 players. One player is Germany/Italy, one is Soviet Union, one is the West (Britain/France/USA.) An area movement, block war game with simple d6, step loss combat (take a hit, rotate the block down one.) What makes it interesting is it starts pre-war in 1936, and war may never break out. There is a deck of diplomacy cards and a deck for technologies, insuring every game plays out differently.

If Four Players - Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection
COIN (Counter Insurgency) system game set during the American Revolution for 4 players. I liken this to a heavy area control game. Mechanics are very abstract for a war game, with a series of events, commands and activities driven by a deck of cards built depending on the scenario being used. Probably the hardest game on the list to wrap your head around initially, but once you learn it, there is an entire series of games you can play.

If Five Players - The Napoleonic Wars (Second Edition)
A card driven game (CDG) for up to 5 players. If you have played Washington's War or Twilight Struggle you already know most of the rules. France starts off very strong and can possibly win on the first turn. The rest of the players must work together to hold off Bonaparte, then look for their window of opportunity to snatch victory. "Buckets of D6" combat, point to point movement, cards dictate a variety of possible player actions.


Saturday September 30, 2017 7:00pm - Sunday October 1, 2017 12:00am MST

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