RinCon 2017 has ended
Game sign-up is now closed.
Come to the Registration Desk on-site to sign up for games.

On Site Registration
$50 Full Weekend
$20 Friday
$25 Saturday
$15 Sunday 

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Liz Danforth

Danforth Design and Development
Games industry professional since 1976, most known for art but also with credits for writing, editing, and game development. Best-known franchises I've worked on: Tunnels & Trolls (incl the Deluxe edition reboot), Magic the Gathering (some 50 early cards including Hymn to Tourach), Iron Crown's Middle Earth license (RPG and CCG), classic Traveller, the original Wasteland and Star Trek computer games (Interplay; scenario writing), AD&D, FASA, Alderac/AEG and many more. Present focus is primarily on the Tunnels & Trolls Adventures app from MetaArcade (free on Google Play and the App Store). My Patreon is at www.patreon.com/LizDanforth, where my supporters magically help me create images of Mages and Sages.