RinCon 2017 has ended
Game sign-up is now closed.
Come to the Registration Desk on-site to sign up for games.

On Site Registration
$50 Full Weekend
$20 Friday
$25 Saturday
$15 Sunday 

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Brendan Conway

Brendan Conway is a co-owner of Magpie Games and author of the ENnie-award winning Masks: A New Generation, a young superheroes RPG, and three Chaos World supplements for Dungeon WorldThe Last Days of AnglekiteThe Cold Ruins of Lastlife, and The Green Law of Varkith. He also co-authored Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition for Galileo Games, wrote for the Firefly RPG for Margaret Weis Productions, rules-edited elements of 7th Sea for John Wick Presents, and rules-edited and wrote for many other Magpie Games projects, including Urban Shadows and the Fate Codex.